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Adding Curb Appeal with a Metal Roof

Even if you’re not thinking about selling your house anytime in the near future, it’s always helpful to consider curb appeal when you make major changes to the appearance of your home. After all, if you ever do decide to sell, small aesthetic changes (like the color...

How Metal Roofs Help with Historical Preservation

Historical preservation is crucial for safeguarding our cultural heritage and maintaining the authenticity of structures from eras gone by. When it comes to preserving historic buildings, choosing the correct roofing material is a must. While metal roofing might not...

Metal Roofs vs. Clay Tiles: Which is Better?

There are so many decisions to make when it comes time to choose a roofing material for your new roof. Finding the right materials and securing reliable contractors can be a massive, time-consuming decision. There really is a lot to think about! However, we firmly...