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What Cleaning Materials to Use on a Metal Roof

Metal roofing is the best roofing for so many reasons. It lasts almost a lifetime, it’s low maintenance, it’s stronger than shingles, and it lowers your utility bills! Insurance companies even lower homeowners’ premiums for people who live in homes with metal roofs....

Are Metal Roofs Too Heavy for My House?

There are so many misconceptions about metal roofing. Some people think it’s pricier than other materials, when really it saves you money over time due to its longevity. Other people think it’s less safe than traditional shingling, when really insurance policies...

What Should You Do With a Rusted Metal Roof?

As Metal Roof Pros, we only have amazing things to say about installing a metal roof on your home. They’re efficient, cost-effective, and safer than other materials. However, like any other material, metal is prone to certain types of deterioration. Rust can be an...