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Metal roofing has become a popular option for many homeowners in the last few years. It comes in so many different colors and styles, it’s hard not to love it! The curb appeal is high, but these fun facts about metal roofing will show you that it’s about more than that stylish look. From durability, to cost, to safety, metal roofing is a great choice! Here are 4 facts you should know.

Metal Roof has Higher Safety Ratings

It’s true, metal roofing materials are rated higher for safety against threats and weather of all kinds. From wind, to hail and rain, to fire, it’s more durable and protective. Many insurance companies even offer discounts on homeowners policy premiums to homeowners with metal roofs!

When it comes to wind, metal roofing is superior to shingles. Metal roofs are installed as large panels that are fastened together from underneath. It’s much more difficult for strong winds to uproot a large, structurally strong panel than it is to knock some shingles loose. Metal roofing is smooth and often coated with materials that shield it from moisture and rain! Snow and ice often melt away faster from metal roofs, leading to fewer leaks. Metal roofing is also safer in the case of lightning striking your home!

Metal Roofs Last a Lifetime

Shingle roofing lasts anywhere from 12 years to maybe 20 if they’re cared for well, but metal roofing can last from 40 to 70 years! From the time you buy a home and install a metal roof, it may last the rest of your lifetime. With regular clearing and cleaning of debris, inspections by a professional, maintenance, and recoating, your metal roof could be enjoyed for decades and decades to come.

Metal Roofing Costs More (Upfront)

It is a fact that metal roofing materials are more expensive than other types. For example, asphalt shingles cost between $70 and $160 per 100 square feet on average – metal roofing costs $200 to $900 per 100 square feet! To get high-quality metal roofing materials, you’ll definitely have to make an investment up front. But remember, your metal roof will last you 40 to 70 years, whereas a traditional roof would need to be replaced 3-6 times in that same time period. There are also other monetary benefits to metal roofing…

Metal Roofing is Energy Efficient

Sure, it’s expensive to get a metal roof installed, but the money you save over the lifetime of the roof by not needing to replace the entire thing every 12-20 years is substantial! Metal roofs also save you money by lowering your utility bills! Metal has amazing energy efficiency ratings. In the summer, it reflects the heat from the sun away from your home, which helps your AC system cool your home with less energy. In the winter, metal is better at retaining the heat inside your home, making less work for your heating system!

Overall, metal roofing is an amazing option for homeowners. It’s durable, safe, long-lasting, beautiful, and energy efficient! You can learn more about metal roofing on our FAQ page, here. Or, you can get in touch with us for answers to more specific metal roofing questions – we proudly serve Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Mississippi! Contact us here.