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With the rise in popularity of metal roofing, many different misconceptions and rumors have started to spread about this non-traditional material. One of those is that it completely ruins your Wi-Fi and phone signals! While this isn’t always completely false, it’s not always true either. In this article, we’ll discuss metal roofing and its relationship to Wi-Fi and phone reception.

Metal Roofing and Wi-Fi

Whether we want to admit it or not, we practically live on the internet these days. Having strong Wi-Fi in your home is often not optional – between kids with online school assignments, work-from-home jobs, streaming services on TV, social media, and Wi-Fi messaging, it’s pretty much an essential utility!

It’s completely valid for homeowners to be concerned about the strength of their Wi-Fi being affected by metal roofing. The best way to assure that your Wi-Fi is strong in a home with a metal roof is to use a dish or satellite based provider. Since the signal is captured on the exterior of your home with these types of providers, it will not be affected by a metal roof. Even if you have a router and modem set up inside, the signal is still picked up outside and transmitted through a cable!

If you have a metal roof and are noticing poor Wi-Fi connections or frequent interruptions and you have a satellite or dish setup, contact your provider to come out and assess the issue – it’s not likely that your metal roof is to blame. Sometimes, the modem and router you are using may be the issue, and it may be time for an upgrade.

Metal Roofing and Cell Phone Signal

Besides Wi-Fi messaging and calling, phone signals are a completely separate service. The answer to whether or not a metal roof will have any negative effects on your phone signal inside your home have to do with how strong the signal is in your residential area. If you live in a rural area with generally poor signal (3 bars or less, even standing outside), your metal roof may have some negative impact. However, if you live in an area with decent to great signal (3 bars or more, even standing outside), you should have no issues with cell signals inside your home, even if you have a metal roof! 

Living in a rural area with low signal is no reason to shy away from metal roofing! Most smartphones these days are capable of messaging, calling, and video chatting all via Wi-Fi! If you can get dish or satellite based internet services, you should have no issues using your phone to text, call, or video call from inside your home. 

To wrap it up, metal roofing has no effect on Wi-Fi that is provided via a dish or satellite setup. If you live in an area with a great phone signal, your roof shouldn’t impact that, either! However, a metal roof may somewhat interfere with calls and messaging in a poor-signal area. To avoid dropped calls or undelivered messages in a metal roof home in a poor signal area, try using Wi-Fi based messaging and calling when you are in your home! 

Hope this was helpful! If you have any further questions about metal roofing, you can always get in touch with the Metal Roof Pros!