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Investing in a new roof is, ideally, something that you only have to worry about once every few decades– and once you’ve done it, you know you don’t want to have to do it again for a long time!

That’s why it makes sense to choose roofing materials based on their durability and longevity. You want something that’s going to last for a good while. That’s why metal roofs are a great choice; they’re durable and last a long time in comparison to other roofing materials.

But since “a long time” isn’t the whole answer, you might be wondering: how long does a metal roof really last? The real answer depends on several different factors.

Quality of materials

For any type of roof, the quality of the materials is going to have a major impact on the roof itself– specifically, its durability. 

High-quality metals like steel and aluminum are often used for roofs due to their durability and resistance to corrosion. You should speak with a roofing contractor who can confidently state where their materials are sourced and personally vouch for their quality.

How long does a metal roof last?<br />

Proper installation

Even the very best materials won’t work effectively together if they’ve been installed incorrectly. An experienced and qualified roofing contractor will ensure that everything is watertight and will be resistant to moisture and corrosion.

Maintenance and care

Proper maintenance is a major factor in a roof’s lifespan. Regular inspections can catch any problems before they turn into a major issue, keeping the roof functioning at its very best. Checking hardware and seams on a regular basis will also keep your roof working the way it should for as long as possible.

Cleaning the gutters and removing any built-up debris can also prevent any potential future issues and prolong your roof’s lifespan.

Climate and environment

Your roof’s lifespan also depends on the climate in which you live, although a metal roof isn’t as heavily impacted by environmental issues as other traditional roofing materials, like asphalt shingles or tiles.

Metal roofs are excellent at withstanding harsh weather conditions, like heavy rain, snow, or high winds. If you live in a damp or humid environment, metal roofs are also great at resisting mildew and other moisture-related problems.

However, metal roofs aren’t invincible– and prolonged exposure to temperature fluctuations, extreme heat, or severe hailstorms can cause major damage to your roof.

Overall, a metal roof is the best option for dealing with any of the above issues– but if they’re frequent, chances are good that they’ll negatively impact your roof’s lifespan at least a little bit.

How long does a metal roof last?<br />

A great roofing company

Just like the quality of installation affects the lifespan of your roof, choosing a great roofing company will make a big difference in your overall experience– long after the project is completed.

Ultimately, a good metal roof should last more than 50 years– with great construction and maintenance, some metal roofs have lasted as long as 100 years!

If you’re looking for a roofing contractor, or if you’ve got questions about the process, give the experts here at Metal Roof Pros a call– we’re here to help!