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If you’re searching for a high-quality and durable roofing material, choosing a metal roof is a great decision!

In general, metal roofs are highly energy-efficient, cost-effective, and durable. But just like any roofing materials, not all types of metal roofs are created equally.

Two excellent options available to consumers: zinc and galvalume roofs. While these roofs are similar in some ways, they both have distinct qualities that are well-suited for consumers’ different preferences and needs. If you’re ready to make an informed decision on your roofing solution, read on!

What are the pros and cons of zinc roofs?

Pro: Longevity

Zinc roofs are exceptionally durable. They are naturally resistant to corrosion, which significantly extends their lifespan. In fact, a zinc roof can last 80-100 years with proper maintenance. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us!

Con: Higher Cost

Like most metal roofs, zinc has a higher upfront cost than traditional asphalt shingle roofs. They require slightly more specialized and precise installation than traditional roofs, too.

However, the minimal amount of required maintenance and their extreme durability can offset this larger upfront investment over time. In fact, the average asphalt shingle roof lasts 15-30 years– which means that you’d potentially have to pay for a new asphalt roof more than 3 times before a zinc roof reaches the end of its lifespan.

Pro: Visually Appealing

Over time, zinc roofs develop a matte gray patina. This patina is a protective layer that helps the zinc roof material self-heal in the event of any minor scratches or dings. This patina also adds some unique character and charm to your roof while keeping it in great shape!

What are the pros and cons of galvalume roofs?

If you’re not “in the know” about roofing solutions, you might be saying “wait, what kind of roofs?” Not to worry, though– we’re here to help. Galvalume is a type of metal roofing material that consists of a few different types of metal.

Essentially, galvalume is made from a steel core, which is then coated with a combination of zinc and aluminum.

Pro: Corrosion Resistance

Galvalume roofs are highly corrosion-resistant due to their zinc-aluminum coating. This coating protects the steel from rust and weathering, allowing it to offer the energy efficiency and structural stability of a steel roof with the longevity and durability of a zinc roof.

Con: Prone to Chalking

Depending on environmental factors, galvalume roofs may experience chalking, which is a powdery white residue caused by weathering. Chalking doesn’t have any negative effects on the durability or efficacy of the roof, but it might be subtly unsightly.

Luckily, chalking can be easily taken care of with regular maintenance and cleaning.

Pro: Affordability

While metal roofs often have a higher upfront price tag than other more traditional roofing solutions, galvalume is a surprisingly cost-effective option. It offers the benefits of metal roofing but without the higher price of a pure zinc roof.

Should I choose a galvalume or zinc roof?

Making the choice between a galvalume or zinc roof mostly depends on your budget, your aesthetic preferences, and your long-term goals.

Of course, the longevity, self-healing capabilities, and eco-friendliness of a zinc roof are difficult to resist– but not everyone has the capital to make the investment in a zinc roof. If that’s the case for you, a galvalume roof is an amazing choice that’s a little easier on the wallet but boasts many of the same excellent benefits.

If you need some extra help deciding, feel free to give us a call today!