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Metal roofing is known for its versatile, sleek look, as well as its durability. In general, metal roofing will last longer than typical asphalt shingles. Additionally, your metal roof can come with a life span of 20 to 70+ years when properly maintained. However, metal roofing shares one thing in common with all other types of roofing systems. Just like a regular asphalt shingle roof, you’re gonna need insulation for metal roofs.

To conserve energy, reduce noise pollution, help with temperature control, and preserve the lifespan of your roof, insulation is an absolute necessity. 

Your Insulation Options:

There are three main choices for insulation for metal roofs. Spray foam, rigid board insulation, and fiberglass batts are all recommended choices when deciding on insulation for metal roofs. However, each comes with its pros, cons, and “R-value”. 

R-value is a numeric value that determines the thermal performance of insulation. The higher the R-value, the better the performance of the insulation. Now, let’s dive in. 

Spray Foam:

Spray foam is a common option used for insulation since many home and business owners can install it themselves. 

Applied through a pressurized hose by mixing polyurethane foam with water and heating it, the foam will react with the oxygen in the air. When the water within the mixture dries up, the polyurethane foam will expand, harden, and then cure. This creates the distinctive thick, rigid look that the spray foam boasts. 

Spray foam is one of the more budget-friendly options for metal roofing, as it can be installed on old or new roofing of all kinds, eliminating the need for re-roofing. The polyurethane foam’s unique ability to expand makes it an excellent option for awkward or uniquely shaped rooflines.

Since spray foam dries hard, it is excellent at preventing moisture buildup and discourages rodents or insects from infesting. Keep in mind, that spray foam is not exactly easy to install on your own, though it is an option. Unless you have had prior experience with the installation of spray foam, it is recommended that you contact a professional to assist you.

Spray foam is available in two types: closed-cell spray foam and open-cell spray foam. Both options are fairly cost-effective, however, open-cell spray foam is the cheapest, generally being $0.44 to $0.65 per foot. 

Rigid Board Insulation:

Rigid board insulation, made from polystyrene or polyurethane, comes in sheets of all sizes. Generally used to provide thermal resistance to foundations, roofs, and walls, this is a commonly used metal roof underlayment option for all kinds of projects.

Rigid board insulation is the most effective at creating maximum thermal resistance. Installed by tightly fitting the sheets of polyurethane or polystyrene together and caulking or sealing them shut, the tight fit of the sheets creates an effective seal that reduces air leakage and will effectively temperature regulate a space. 

However, this insulation method must be installed correctly to do its job. If the insulation isn’t tightly sealed or is exposed to UV rays, you will experience less temperature regulation and are subjecting your insulation to moisture and deterioration. It is imperative that the insulation be installed correctly, and a separate vapor barrier should be installed to protect against moisture. 

Rigid board insulation is pricier than spray foam insulation, coming in at $3.95 to $7.20 a foot, depending on the r-value of the sheets of insulation. Rigid board insulation will vary in r-value, so be sure to discuss your options when considering rigid board insulation.

Fiberglass Batts:

Fiberglass batts are made from fine, threadlike glass that is woven together and mixed with other materials to form thick insulation padding. This insulation option is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to insulate metal roofing and is generally a versatile option. Fiberglass batts can be installed under metal roof panels or can be outfitted to an existing roof surface!

However, it should be noted that fiberglass batt insulation is not the safest option. Fiberglass is made from the same basic substance used in glassware, meaning that it is quite literally, glass. Microscopic bits of the material can harm your hands, eyes, and lungs without the proper protective measures. If you are installing your own insulation for metal roof, especially fiberglass batts, you should wear proper protective gear.

It is important to note that fiberglass insulation will essentially lose its entire r-value if the batts accumulate moisture. Fiberglass does not have a good vapor barrier, so you must consider installing a separate moisture barrier in conjunction with the insulation itself.

Fiberglass batts will vary in pricing. You can expect to see pricing as low as $0.12 per square foot to $0.60 per square foot. The varying prices will depend on the r-value of the batts. 

How to Choose the Right Insulation Option for Your Metal Roof:

When choosing which insulation method is right for your metal roof, you will need to consider the characteristics and conditions of your roofing system, as well as your budget. Climate, roofing style, and budget will all play a role in choosing your insulation. Insulation for metal roofs is not universal, and every roofing system is unique. 

Regardless of the insulation that you choose, you must choose to protect your insulation from moisture. In doing so, you will ensure that your roof has the longest lifespan possible. If you choose an insulation method that does not have a good moisture barrier, you must install a barrier of your own.

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