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For most people, the idea of a metal roof conjures up a highly industrial-looking roof– the kind you might see on a warehouse. While these types of metal roofs are highly practical and work perfectly with certain types of home architecture, they’re just not to everyone’s taste.

Fortunately, you can enjoy the aesthetics of a shingled roof and the protection that a metal roof provides. Metal roofs that resemble shingles offer a unique blend of durability and a classic aesthetic, and allow you to enjoy the benefits that a metal roof provides, like longevity and low maintenance.

Types of metal roofs

We offer three main types of metal roofs. Choosing the one that’s just right for your home is up to you!

  1. Max rib metal roofing panels are hardy and versatile, and they come in a wide range of colors to suit any home or commercial building. If the idea of a metal roof seems too industrial for your tastes, choosing a color that suits the color of your home can make a huge difference– taking a metal roof from “warehouse” to “dream house”.

  2. Standing seam roofing offers clean architectural lines that offer maximum protection for your home. Raised, interlocking seams mean absolutely no exposed screws, keeping your home watertight and cozy for decades to come.

  3. Finally, stone-coated steel roofing most closely resembles traditional shingle or tile roofing materials. We offer stone-coated steel roofs in three varieties. The first is cottage shingle, which is virtually indistinguishable from a regular shingle roof and is available in four different shades. Pine-crest shake roofing resembles classic wood shake roofing, with all the benefits of a solid, secure metal roof. And finally, barrel-vault tile looks just like ceramic tile roofing– but it’s much more lightweight and durable, and lasts much longer! Just like all of the metal roofing styles we offer, barrel-vault tiles are available in many colors.

What are the benefits of metal roofs that look like shingles?

Obviously, a metal roof offers plenty of benefits that more traditional roofing styles just can’t compare with. Metal roofs are highly durable, and are able to withstand even harsh weather conditions over the years, like heavy rain, snow, or high winds.

They’re energy-efficient, reflecting sunlight away from the home, adding insulation, and reducing heating and cooling costs throughout the year. 

Metal roofs are also low-maintenance, and a metal roof that looks like shingles offers the aesthetics of a shingle roof without the need to replace shingles after a storm.

What’s the right type of metal roof for me?

When choosing a metal roof for your home, consider your local climate, and how well your chosen roofing material might be able to withstand it. 

Virtually everywhere on earth experiences adverse weather conditions that affect the longevity of a roof, whether it’s temperature fluctuation, extreme heat or cold, wind and rain, or snow and ice. A metal roof’s ability to withstand all of these conditions is vastly superior to that of a traditional asphalt shingle or wood shake roof.

Choosing the right type of metal roof comes down to your personal preferences and the aesthetics of your home. If you love a traditional look, then pine-crest shake or cottage shingle metal roofing will complement your home perfectly. 

If your home has more of a Mediterranean vibe, barrel-vault tile metal roofing will look incredible– and if your home is ultramodern with clean, minimalist architectural lines, then a max rib or standing seam metal roof will be perfect for you.

Should I choose a metal roof that looks like shingles?

Metal roofs that look like shingles offer the ultimate combination of aesthetics and durability. With so many colors and styles to choose from, you can choose a style that suits your taste while protecting your home for generations to come.

If you’re ready to make the investment in a beautiful metal roof today, give the experts here at Metal Roof Pros a call today!