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Whether it’s wind storms, or hurricanes, or tornadoes, your roof is often one of the first things you need to worry about when the gusts are getting strong! So, could metal roofing help ease your worries about wind? To give a quick answer, yes – metal roofing materials are almost always stronger and able to withstand stronger winds than shingles or other roof materials. This article will explain why.

A Metal Roof vs. Wind Success Story

Gulf Coast Supply & Manufacturing tells a true story that shows first-hand how metal roofing stands up in extremely windy conditions. In fall of 2018, a category 4 hurricane hit the coast of the Florida panhandle – Hurricane Michael. The city of Mexico Beach, FL suffered an immense catastrophe and the damage left in the wake of the hurricane was devastating. 

In one neighborhood, almost every single roof was blown off the homes that lined the street. However, from an aerial view, 5 metal roofs were visible. These 5 homes that had roofs made of metal materials remained steadfast, even as the houses all around them that had shingled roofs lay in ruins. If this isn’t a testament to the strength of metal roofing, we don’t know what is!

What Makes Metal Roofing so Withstanding of Strong Winds

Did you know that metal roofs have a wind rating of withstanding gusts of over 140 mph (and some are rated even higher than that)! Hurricane Michael didn’t have any winds stronger than that once it reached the shoreline, and neither do most severe weather events.

When it comes to why metal roofs have such a strong ability to hold their ground in the presence of strong winds, it has everything to do with the materials and the structure of the roof. Here’s what makes metal roofs so fortified: 

  • Large Panels – Shingled roofs have many opportunities for loss of integrity. Individual shingles have a high potential for getting blown off in the case of strong winds! The more shingles lost, the more likelihood for extreme damage to the roof and the home. Metal roofing, however, comes in large sheets. It would take a lot of wind for even one of those sheets to come loose! The panels of a metal roof are interlocked – meaning that each of the four sides are fastened tightly to the adjacent sheets or surfaces. This makes for an extremely fortified structure that’s able to withstand extreme winds.                                 
  • Hidden Fasteners – Under the surface of a metal roof is a network of strong fasteners, screws, clips, and more. Since these bits aren’t exposed to weather, their integrity remains strong! Another positive thing about fasteners being hidden is that it leaves room for the metal roofing material to shrink and expand with the weather. When your metal roofing has the ability to move as it needs, it stays as strong as it possibly can. 

So, yes, metal roofing is extremely reliable in areas that experience weather events with strong winds. So much so that most homeowners insurance policy providers offer a discount on premiums for homes with metal roofing! All of this is great news for residents of Central Arkansas since we’ve been known to experience some strong tornadoes around these parts. Besides being resistant to wind, metal roofing is fire resistant, lightning resistant, eco-friendly, and a great way to save money on roof repairs in the long run. Want to know more about metal roofing? Is it the right choice for your home? Get in touch with the Metal Roof Pros today!