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Copper roofing has a long history of use, dating as far back as Roman use of copper on the roof of the Pantheon in 27 B.C. The fact that people are still roofing their home with this material, despite its often exorbitant cost, speaks to how durable, attractive, and easy to use this material is as a roofing material. Another benefit of using copper is in how lightweight it is. A copper roof will put less stress on the structure of your home than a roof made with most other roofing materials. Copper is extremely durable and can last more than the average lifetime, with some copper roofs lasting over 100+ years. Copper stands up to even the harshest of severe weather patterns like frequent rainfall, heavy winds, and extreme amounts of snow.

Pros of copper roofing

Long-lasting reliability: Copper roofing will protect your home for much longer than most types of roofing materials, because it can last over 100+ years.

Eco-friendly and recyclable: When in good condition, copper roofing material can be reused and recycled, which is a relief to the eco-minded homeowner, especially when compared with how toxic some other roofing materials can be. Another eco-friendly quality of copper is that it is used in its original metallic form, just like when it was mined, requiring no other technologically advanced (and high energy dependent) form of processing to get it ready to begin covering and protecting your home. It is naturally sourced.

Weather-tight protection: Copper roofing material can be soldered, which means that gutter joints and flashing on roofs and walls can be soldered together, making it weather-tight and dependable to protect your home for many years to come.

Cons of copper roofing

Very expensive roofing material: Even the smallest roofing projects cost a lot of money when completed using copper roofing materials. This is the most obvious downside of copper roofing. The fact that people are willing to pay high amounts for copper shows that it is a highly valuable, useful, beautiful, and reliable roofing material.

Unpredictable patina and runoff that can stain: Copper roof can have a rich, gorgeous, glossy, dark bronze patina in some environments, while in other climates, it might turn bright green. It is nearly impossible to predict when and how a copper roof will develop a patina, let alone what color it will turn. The presence of copper, especially over its long, durable lifespan, can also change the color of nearby materials. When rain runs off of a copper roof, it can stain concrete, brick, wood, siding, other metals, and other materials that may be nearby. A copper roof should be carefully planned before it is installed to ensure that any runoff that will inevitably come from the roof won’t cause problems with other materials that may be stained.

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