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Metal roofs are a great addition to any home or business. They are incredibly durable, require little maintenance and they can literally last lifetimes when installed properly. For these reasons, it is only natural that you would choose metal over competing roofing options. Now, metal roofs require less maintenance than most of its competitors but this is not to say that it requires no maintenance at all. If you have a metal roof on your home or business, it is important that you are made aware of the necessary kinds of maintenance that your roof requires.

To learn more, please refer to this quick metal roof do’s and don’ts guide:

Do: Wash your metal roof a few times a year

If you’re interested in keeping your metal roof looking shiny and new then you should seriously consider giving it a wash a few times a year. Washing a metal roof is simple so long as you carefully follow a few crucial rules. For starters, do not attempt to wash your roof yourself if you are inexperienced or lack the proper safety equipment. If this is the case you should opt to hire a professional instead. If you are capable of washing your roof yourself however, be sure to use a very watered down soap solution. Use soft bristled brushes (they can be found in long handled styles) and be careful to never step on sections of the roof that have not been thoroughly rinsed of soap.

Don’t: Use abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals

Again, be very careful when choosing a cleaning solution for your metal roof. You should consult a few options before coming to a final solution, but certainly don’t use any abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals. These abrasive cleaners could scratch the paint off of your roof, leaving it less durable and much less attractive. Harsh chemicals can act in a similar way, by eating at the paint of your metal roof.

Do: Regularly check for signs of leaking or rust

When you’re on the roof giving it a wash, use this as a time to thoroughly inspect your roof for signs of leaking or rusting. These issues can start small, but a few leaks here or there can cause huge (and costly) amounts of structural damage to your home. And while rust doesn’t “spread” like mold or algae does, rust in one section of your roof could be indicative of poor environmental conditions that need to be addressed.

Don’t: Let branches scrape the roof

Be sure to keep the branches near your home trimmed so that they do not scrape or scratch your metal roof. These scratches are primarily cosmetic, but they will certainly lower the appeal of your home. Pruning the trees near your home will also reduce excess debris from collecting in your gutter and prevent falling limbs from causing damage to your home.

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