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There are so many benefits to metal roofing. They have higher safety ratings against extreme weather, they look amazing on your home, they come in all different styles and colors, they are energy efficient at heating and cooling, they last up to 70 years, and they are easy to maintain! What’s not to love? To keep your metal roof in the best shape, and to give it the best shot at lasting decades on decades, it’s important to get up there and do a DIY inspection at least 1 to 2 times every year.

Why You Should Inspect Your Metal Roof

Inspecting your metal roof biannually can help you identify issues early on. That means you’ll avoid major problems and large costs down the road. Checking for deterioration, rust, corrosion, debris, mold, mildew, exposed hardware, chipping paint, etc. on a regular basis can save your roof and your home from major damage! However, it’s important to learn the proper safety precautions before walking on your own metal roof.

Know What Type of Metal Roof You Have

Before you get up on your metal roof, it’s important to identify the type you have. There are many styles of metal roofing, but there are only 4 basic types: metal shingles, metal tiles, standing seam, and corrugated panels. If you have tiles or shingles, you’ll need to tread carefully on your metal roof! Identify the strong points and only walk on those. Standing seam roofing and corrugated panels are much less delicate – they are both durable enough to hold the weight of the average person.

Look for Damage Before Getting on Your Roof

Before you get up on your metal roof, grab a ladder! From your ladder, conduct a thorough inspection of each section of your roof. Scan for any type of damage that could be a potential hazard to your safety when you walk on it. For example, keep an eye out for holes, dents, exposed hardware, and cracks. If you see these features, it’s best to call a professional and have your roof thoroughly inspected.

How to Walk Safely on Your Metal Roof

It’s a smart idea to check the weather before you get up on your roof. We advise that you never walk on a wet roof – if it’s rainy, foggy, or has just rained or snowed, it’s best to wait until a dryer day. If there’s an urgent issue with your roof on a wet day, please call a professional who is equipped with the right safety gear.

If it’s a dry day that isn’t too hot, you can safely go on your roof. Always wear shoes that have good traction (rubber soles have the best grip on metal). Choosing a softer, lighter shoe will help to ensure that you don’t create any dents in your metal roofing! Clean off the bottom of your shoes before going up so there’s no dust, dirt, or gunk that could cause you to slip!

When you walk on your roof, try hinging at the hips and leaning into the slope of the roof! The steeper the slope, the more you lean. This helps keep your center of gravity stable as you walk at an unnatural incline, which helps to improve balance.

In a perfect world, you would use a safety kit every time you choose to walk on your roof – rope, harness, anchor, and all. You’ll never regret it, until you fall when you choose not to use it! Take it from the pros, safety is always the priority

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