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Mobile home roofing materials can be easily damaged and difficult to maintain. They can crack, succumb to dry rot, be prone to leaks, and even raise your HVAC utility bill. If you’re hoping there’s a better roofing option than what you’ve got now, you’re in luck. Metal roofing is a fantastic option for mobile homes! Read on to find out more about installing metal roofing on a mobile home.


Why is there such a widespread myth that metal roofing can’t be installed on mobile homes? Here at Metal Roof Pros, we honestly have no clue. Though mobile homes have different requirements than other types of houses, they can have any kind of roof you’d like! Putting a metal roof on a mobile home is no different than putting one on a traditional home. Plus, there are so many benefits to metal Roofing!

Metal Roofing Lasts a Lifetime

One of the best reasons to install metal roofing on your mobile home is because, if you care for it properly, you’ll probably never need to install another roof in your lifetime! With proper cleaning and upkeep, a metal roof can last decades – whereas most traditional roofs need to be replaced every 20-30 years. Metal roofing stands up stronger against extreme weather like wind and hail – so much so that most insurance companies offer a discount to homeowners who have metal roofing.

    Metal Roofs are Lighter than Shingles

    Even though they’re tougher, metal roofs are actually substantially less heavy than shingle roofing. Having less weight on top of your mobile home is great for the longevity of the structure. A lighter roof can mean your mobile home will have less settling into the ground beneath it and have less damaged shims and wedges.

    Metal Roofing Makes a Mobile Home Look Nice

    Mobile homes are not notorious for their looks, but installing metal roofing can boost the aesthetics! Metal roofing is sleek, the color is customizable, and it looks simple and clean. Give your mobile home a more modern look with metal roofing! No need to worry about rusty screws and bolts – nowadays, metal roofing is installed in a way where all the hardware is hidden underneath and protected from the elements (which also means less leaks).

    Metal Roofing Can Lower Your Utility Bills

    Metal roofing doesn’t just look great and last a long time, it actually saves you money month over month starting the day you install it. Since metal reflects the heat from the sun away from it, metal roof repels the summer heat away from your mobile home. That means less work for your AC unit, and less money out of your wallet each month for the utility bill.

    So, long story short, you should absolutely consider replacing your mobile home’s shingles with metal roofing. It’s 100% myth that you can’t have a metal roof on a mobile home! It’s a great idea to have metal roofing because it lasts decades, is easier to maintain, requires less repairs, stands up to the elements, is lighter weight, looks clean and modern, and even lowers your utility bills! What’s not to love? For a quote on metal roof installation on your mobile home (in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, or Mississippi), give Metal Roof Pros a shout at 1-855-736-3825 or send us a message here.